The Shower Shimmy’s ingenious design, all-inclusive cleaning system and easy assembly make it the must-have household cleaning product available.

- Kerri King
This Mommy Saves Money

The grout scrubbing bristles were amazing to scrub the sides of the tub. I forgot my grout was supposed to be that color!

- Katie
How Does She?

There is a need for it. Nobody needs all that clutter in the shower.

- Barbara Corcoran
ABC's Shark Tank

Just finished scrubbing my shower with something that is so genius...I'm SHOCKED no one thought of it sooner! This cool little invention, the "Shower Shimmy,” has a sponge, grout bristles, a squeegee, and cleaning solution -- all in one!

- Ashley

The Shower Shimmy is the only product consumers will ever need to get their showers and tubs spotless.

- Steph
Six Sisters Stuff

I love that it has everything I need to clean the shower - it contains the cleaning solution, sponge and brush. I also like that I can replace the sponge and brush as needed and add more cleaning solution when I need it.

- Chrissy
Denver, CO

I first used the Shower Shimmy on my stand up shower. Ok, guys, I’ve used A LOT of natural cleaners lately and the smells aren’t exactly what I would call good. This stuff smells amazing...The best way I know how to describe it is that it smells like your bathroom is really clean without it smelling bleachy and chemically.

- Kerri King
How Does She?