Why The Shower Shimmy Works

The All-in-one tool to clean your shower

  • All-in-one convenience has everything you need!
  • Hangs right in the shower for ease of access (hanging hook included).
  • Bristles attack the corners, grout and stubborn stains.
  • Integrated push button dispenses cleaning solution right into the sponge.
  • Squeegee rinses away the last traces of dirt, grime and hard water build-up.
  • Replaceable scrubbing sponge.

How to Use the Shower Shimmy


  • Slide the sponge onto the tool.
  • Add 3 capfuls of the Super Cleaning Solution and fill the rest of the way with water.  The Super Cleaning Solution is so concentrated that it will make 42 ounces of fluid and refill the Shower Shimmy 6 times!
  • Screw the cap back on. 
  • Slide the squeegee onto the wand.  
  • Wet the sponge, and then push the button to dispense fluid.
  • Begin cleaning.
  • When cleaning is complete, rinse off the sponge and bristles and hang the Shower Shimmy back up.



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Super Cleaning Solution

Go green and still get it clean!

Lab tested and proven to be as effective as the leading non-green cleaner
Because the Shower Shimmy is designed to be a leave in the shower product, it's important that the cleaning solution be safe around the small children who use those tubs and showers.  Our Super Cleaning Solution is not only non-toxic and non-irritating, it packs a powerful punch.

  • Cleans as well as the number one selling non-green bathroom cleaner.
  • Won’t irritate the skin, eyes or respiratory system.
  • As safe to leave in the shower as soap or shampoo.
  • All ingredients have been marketed for use in personal care or food products.

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Read what leading lab reports have to say about the Shower Shimmy Super Cleaning Solution vs. the leading non-green cleaner:

"The two cleaners gave essentially equivalent results." - Microbac Lab Test Results

Microbac Letter

Microbac Test Report

Proven The Best Shower Cleaning Tool

The best cleaning tool ever created for the shower.  Effective on:

  • cleaning glass shower doors
  • cleaning grout in shower
  • cleaning mildew in shower
  • cleaning shower tile
  • cleaning mold in shower
  • cleaning shower drain
  • cleaning shower soap scum